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Pre-Primary wing

Pre-Primary wing is the first episode of school life of a child. The Pre-Primary wing of Saini International School is in its truest sense an international standard pre-school with attractive classrooms, personal attention to each and every child by dedicated and super active mother teachers. Activity rooms are there for fun-filled games from the tiny tots where they learn in the form of activity. Students love to visit these rooms as these rooms provide them an exciting world which is completely their own, where they can share warm hours with their mother teachers.

Primary Section

The pre-primary section of Saini International School makes a child perfectly ready for primary section where they enter into the world of enriching examinations. The blooming buds start entering into the core academic chapter of school education. The main aim of this section is to create the learner`s foundation for future, by teaching them various academic and non- academic, value centric issues. This helps them to be a part of learning process and get ready for inside and outside classroom and in this way unknowingly the child gets ready from middle section of school.

Middle School Section

After passing out from Primary Section with flying color , in the  middle school  section , the student gets ample of scopes to enrich his/her bag of knowledge through various activity based learning  which already starts with primary wing of the school, here the student learns to be connected with real life and society as well shouldering various responsibilities to be tomorrow`s ideal citizen and at the same time the student gets ready for the coming board exam years with boldness and confidence.


Secondary School Section

After Middle school, the boat is ready to sail for giving final shape to a bright future which is completely related to their subjects and skills which they have started from their middle school section. They start shining in brighter way in this section where their learning in middle school assist them, hold their hands to move ahead with confidence. They become fully prepared to appear in secondary board exam with full confidence to cross the hurdles successfully and there is no doubt that they pass the Secondary board exam with flying colors.

Senior Secondary Section

After crossing the secondary section, the students enter into the final lap of SIS, they opt their subjects looking at their future. They have three streams to opt- Science, Commerce and Humanities. And finally they get ready to depart from SIS with sky kissing success, with confidence like anything and a bag full of knowledge and wisdom, they get ready with the commitment of a responsible citizen and there is no doubt that this is the motto of  Saini International School, WE ARE THERE TO CREATE LEADERS FOR TOMORROW.


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